David Guy is a Danish/French drummer. When he turned 18 he moved to New York City to study at the Collective School of Music under tutelage of great mentors and musicians like Peter Retzlaff, Ian Froman, Vince Cherico, Marko Djordjevic, Sean Conly, Bob Quaranta.

Since 2017 David has been in Europe, working mainly in Berlin, playing with a variety of groups in jazz and has also been working in an array of different styles. Rock, Blues, Funk, Soul, Brazilian and Afro-Cuban musicstyles are all genres which he enjoy to parttake in. Additionally, last year he collaborated with two dancers and composed a one-take percussion-piece for dance, that was shown at Soundance Festival 2020 Berlin.

Most recently David has been recording an album for saxophonist Roberto Manzin, playing around Germany with Anna Margolina Band, frequently playing concerts at Berlin-clubs such as B-flat, Zig-zag and Quasimodo as well as being house-drummer on several jamsessions around the city. As an addition he continuously records drums for singer-song writers, bands and artists in recording-studios – most recently having recorded a live-session in TRIXX studios for hiphop artist T-LOW.