Mimi’s Holiday

Mimi’s Holiday is a Berlin-based tribute band, consisting of four active jazz-musicians from four corners of the world, turning the spotlight to honor the great Billie Holiday and the songs that she was known for singing.

New arrangements and interpretations of songs like “It’s Like Reaching For The Moon”, “Miss Brown to You” and “Easy Living” can be heard in their set. They describe their program as being modern re-interpretations of classics with the goal to celebrate and empower the music, time, spirit and message of Billie Holiday. 

Having been initially been founded by Amanda and David, from their shared love of Billie Holiday’s records, the two sought to add Gur and Umar to create a group with the unconventional guitar-trio formation. This granted them the liberty to bring personal musical ideas and experiences to the interpretation as well as conserving the original feeling and character of each song.

Amanda Becker (voc) – Germany 
Gur Liraz (git) – Israel
Umar Zakaria (bs) – New Zealand
David Guy (dr) – France/Denmark

For booking/contact:
Amanda Becker/Mimi’s Holiday
Tel: 015151155574
Email: abecker93@freenet.de